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Sunart Community Company  :  Registered charity number SCO39640  :  Company number SC293485

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Sunart Floating Church - Raise the Anchor

The Sunart Floating  Church was one of the most extraordinary vessels ever built in Scotland.  

When The Free Church broke from The Church of Scotland in 1843, the community in Sunart asked the landowner for a piece of land on which they could build a new place to worship.  He refused.  Somehow this remote community raised a remarkable £1400 to have a Floating Church constructed at a shipyard in Glasgow. It was launched in 1846 and towed all the way to Loch Sunart where it was moored at Ardnastang Bay.  Now the community wants to raise, preserve and display the anchor - the only surviving relic of this remarkable vessel - and we need your help.

Find out the whole story:

Read more about this project at http://www.strontianfloatingchurch.co.uk

We’ve set up a PayPal account if you’d like to donate.  Your payment will go to Sunart Community Company, but will be ring-fenced for the Raise The Anchor project.  

Thank you for supporting this exciting project.