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Sunart Community Company  :  Registered charity number SCO39640  :  Company number SC293485

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Get Involved

At the heart of Sunart Community Company is the Community; it’s your company, so get involved.  Here’s how.

It’s free.  There are three types of membership: Junior, Full and Associate.  If you live in the Sunart area (covered by Sunart Community Council) you can apply for Junior or Full membership.  If you live outwith the area, you can still be an Associate member.  There’s one form for all three.

We’re always on the lookout for new Board members.  It’s the Board that manages the day-to-day activities of the Company, and new directors with new ideas are always welcome.  Although elections to the Board take place at each AGM, we might be able to squeeze you in as a co-opted Director straight away.  Talk to one of the directors for more information, or if there’s an AGM coming up, fill out the form.

While the Board meets every 6 weeks or so, significant changes of direction - as well as election of directors - happen at the AGM with the involvement of all the members that attend.  You’ll also hear a report about what’s been achieved in the preceding year, and what we’re planning for the future.  It’s important for the Board to hear the members’ opinions, and never more so than at the AGM.  If you want your opinion heard, but can’t attend, you can appoint a proxy to speak and vote on your behalf.  There’s a form for that too!

With the appointment of our Local Development Officers, there’s lots going on, and you’re welcome to get involved in any of our ongoing projects.  See the Projects pages, go to the meetings, talk to Izzy and Angela or any of the Board.